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                     Unified Enterprise Security - Anywhere


It's a scary world. Today's cyber threat landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Hackers are organized, well-funded and supported by a mature black market ecosystem. Even the most hardened, advanced perimeter defenses cannot stop the malicious code from a clever hacker that infects an employee's laptop at home that then is connected in the morning to the corporate LAN.

Enterprises have invested heavily in discrete defenses such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, SIEMs and antivirus software for years. While each serve their stated functions, they are no match for today's highly targeted attacks, polymorphic malware, zero day exploits and other advanced persistent threats.

Masergy can help. Securing your digital assets requires the right combination of people, process and advanced technology. Masergy's managed Unified Enterprise Security solutions leverage our patented adaptive network behavioral technology, machine learning and continuous monitoring by our Security Control Center. Let us detect, prevent and block threats before they affect your business.



Masergy Unified Enterprise Security Provides Enterprises With

  • A 100% passive solution with no network latencies
  • Continuous security monitoring of internal networks and public, private and hybrid cloud environments
  • Patented network behavioral analysis and advanced correlation
  • Dashboard with prioritized vulnerabilities and actionable remediation
  • Comprehensive compliance reporting
  • Expert security advice from certified professionals

Make Life Easier with Masergy, A Certified PCI Vendor.

What does all this mean to your organization? The alleviation of business risk (along with demonstrating the expected “due care” related to storage, processing, and transmission of critical cardholder data as defined by the PCI DSS) is complex and resource-dependent.

At Masergy, we understand that compliance depends on a number of critical factors. From auditing to technology, process, and policy, Masergy understands that each organization has different requirements depending on where they currently stand on the “compliance path.” That’s why we approach the challenge of compliance in a holistic fashion, tailoring our services to your organization’s current needs and specific requirements.

You can be confident that Masergy, one of the few PCI-certified companies, can provide the partnership required to help you efficiently achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

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