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Who is Balabit?   

BalaBit IT Security is an innovative information security company, a global leader in the development of Syslog-NG and Privileged Activity Monitoring, trusted logging and proxy-based gateway technologies to help protect customers against internal and external threats and meet security and compliance regulations. As an active member of the open source community, they provide solutions to a uniquely wide range of both open source and proprietary platforms, even for the most complex and heterogeneous IT systems across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

BalaBit is also known as “the logging company”, based on the company's flagship product, the open source log server application, which is used by more than 850 000 companies worldwide and became the globally acknowledged de-facto industry standard.

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What products can Balabit provide?

Shell Control Box      

Shell Control Box is an activity monitoring appliance that controls privileged access to remote servers and networking devices and records activities in movie-like audit trails that can be searched and replayed. Very ideal for Compliance and Forensic proof!

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The syslog-ng Premium Edition™ (PE) logging solution allows enterprises to build a powerful, trusted and centralized logging infrastructure for reviewing and auditing log messages of over 40 platforms. With syslog-ng PE business and IT managers can easily meet compliance requirements while lowering operational costs.

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Zorp™ is a perimeter defense tool, developed for companies with extensive networks and high security requirements. Zorp™ inspects and analyzes the content of the network traffic to verify that it conforms to the standards of the network protocol in use (for example, HTTP, IMAP, and so on). It also provides complete control over regular and encrypted network traffic, with the capability to filter and also modify the content of the traffic.

  • fine tunable configuration
  • control of embedded and encrypted channels
  • retroaction to the network traffic
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Uiteraard kunt u ons ook altijd benaderen voor meer informatie: of 035-602 06 82 

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