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Acronis BaaS

Acronis Back-up as a Service POWERED BY ACRONIS®

Do you want to protect your IT infrastructure? We will take care of it! Your data is safe with us so you can focus on your primary business tasks!




BackupService, powered by Acronis, provides safe, secure and scalable data protection, bare-metal recovery, and on-site and cloud backup of any data, anywhere, anytime. It is a fully managed service – we will take care of your data protection so you can focus on your primary business tasks!Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, BackupService backs up disks, partitions, and files to our storage in a secure datacenter and allows to quickly recover selected files, folders, applications, or an entire system.

With our unified BackupService, you get the dual protection you need in the event of a disaster. The Acronis AnyData Engine backs up to local storage on your premises for quick restore and to secure Acronis Cloud for disaster recovery.



Do you:

  • Seek reliable strategy to protect from any IT disasters?
  • Look to replace tape and other legacy backup solutions?
  • Need complete protection for critical data and systems?

Then BackupService is the service you are looking for.


BackupService will help you to:

  • Implement an IT disaster recovery strategy now
  • Protect every piece of your IT infrastructure – physical and virtual, Windows and Linux servers, desktop and laptop PCs
  • Focus IT on production tasks – while we take care of data protection
  • Get dual protection and eliminate the risks of losing data
  • Select the size of backup storage you need today and easily get additional space as your infrastructure grows
  • Eradicate the costs associated with tapes and cumbersome tape rotation
  • Reduce risks with proven quick bare-metal recovery from Acronis



Signup for our cloud backup and recovery service for free! Just send us an email to or call us at +31 35 602 0682. and ask for more information.


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